The reticent spices {Posto Murgi}

The first thing I ever made in a kitchen was chai with ginger just the way my parents make it. I was quite small when my mother let me inside the kitchen and just by watching her cook I got introduced to all the reticent spices. I used to get very fascinated to see how few drops of milk change the color of tea. 

Just a few years from then I almost took over the kitchen from my mother and explored the place in every possible way. My grandparents and all my aunts are exceptional cooks and I used to spend hours talking about food with my grandmother and my mother when I discovered the nuances of certain spices, ingredients and miracles. Cooking is very much magical, it is indeed.

Cooking isn’t an art, it is pure interaction with yourself and your surroundings and you know that you are a good cook only the day your mother asks you a recipe. There is no other way!

First time on my blog I bring to you a food recipe. I haven’t mentioned the quantity of ingredients anywhere because as I mentioned earlier it is an interaction with the spices and yourself so feel free to use and balance your ingredients. I hope you discover lot of things in the process!

Bon Appétit 


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