{The classic barber}

Last evening I went to my usual barber shop across the road where I have been going since the age of eight. I used to go there with my father earlier and I have no clue how we coordinated our visit but it was different then; the place was very cramped up with rusted mirrors. My mother used to ask me to remind the barber to change the blade in front of me, not to use the machine and not to pay him more than what was required. Going for a haircut used to be a short journey for me. The earlier barber looked like one of the yesteryear bollywood actors and he would give me a different haircut every time.

Now the place is less cluttered with an air conditioner and little advanced tools. The barbers are the same and have a uniform now. Needless to say that the prices have shooted up but the smile on the barbers face is still genuine. I love the chairs there and still get fascinated every time I hop on to them.

In my last post I mentioned about ‘defining’ ourselves. Look at my classic barber and how he relentlessly ‘stylizes’ every person who walks in. Do you see yourself in the boy sitting on the chair and you getting enthralled every time he would ask you to turn your head in various angles so that he could do his job well?

Did we ever think what our barber would want his hair to look like? Or what was his world according to him! 

Hope you are having a lovely Saturday, when you look at this post I want you to listen to a song which I was singing while making this illustration, its a Rajesh Khanna song- 'Chala jata hu kisi ki dhun mein' :)


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