Monday, April 26, 2010

use condom...straight and clear
made for AIDS awarenessas.
as a part of my Design studies i had to interview a 'Sex-worker'.
when asked about HIV aids this is what she had to say, " We consider HIV as 'blessing', at least then the Government gives us monetary help"...:-(
did we say we live in a developing country

from my diary...
auroville december 2009
an illustration done on the poem my dear friend lipi wrote for me on my birthday...since my birthday is on "Sankranti" the most awaited festival in Gujrat, when the main attraction is kites,
the theme of the poem is Uttarayan, as they call it.

The god of the norther winds sat,
bored on a his cloudy throne
"I see kites each year, I need more than that."
obviously, the god's need entertainment,
more than one.

Gloomy, he went through his diary,
his records of men, and he thought.
confused , he summoned the brainy fairy,
a perfect joker after all he sought.

A considerate amount of brains,
he said, "and art he must appreciate,
Modest and rooted to the ground,
he'd like trains,
and with good taste buds, a fan of chocolate."

So, the fairy started off to search a city,
where kites weren't the major attraction of the day,
that's when she happened to see the family that loved tea,
in the wonderful city called 'poo-nay!'

it was then settled , and He sent with love,
19 years from now, today,
A lad named thus 'Gaurav'
who amused Him, and us , everyday!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you're just a reflection of him?

Friday, April 23, 2010

vatsala kale- i met her during my inter design study in the village.At the age of 95 she was still very young at heart. She told me that she wore the nose ring because she thought that without wearing it she did not look pretty.I completely disagreed with her and that was the reason I sketched her because she was barely aware of her looks.:-)


the expression and the sound all we indians make while having tea is the theme of this painting...the rajasthani man with his turban and the mustache depicts what tea means to us as indians...:-)the painting is done in four monochromatic colour schemes...