Saturday, January 22, 2011

My new series of paintings on "INFIDELITY"

It’s been really long I wrote something on my blog. I miss it and I realized it today while I was painting. After joining design school almost two years back, I did paint many times but that was for my assignments. Made myself believe that I was painting but I was not. I dint paint because I felt like or because I wanted to. I painted because I had to for my design submissions. People misunderstand the work done in design schools, We don’t paint.

Few days back when I made a pretty huge canvas painting “Sunflowers” I realized that now I am painting because I want to. And I am painting what I want. That’s the difference. There are some things that become a part of you as you grow up. Like painting and of course my blog. I write blogs not because I have to but because it has become a part of me now.

I saw kiran rao’s ‘dhobi ghat’ yesterday and I will write a separate note on it soon but the film made me think the way I used to again. It reminded me of a part of me I was ignoring for a long time, not intentionally. It was just not happening. I enjoyed the movie, I came back home after a yummy pasta at Marzorin but I was still thinking of something that was missing. I sat, wandered, and still could not figure out. I recollected the film and then I figured what was missing. Next thing I did was getting a canvas, red color (god knows why) and charcoal. Now I know what was missing, after flipping through a magazine at my masi’s place I knew what I wanted to paint next.

Films not always help you think better. But yes there are films who make you realize who you are and what you are supposed to do.