Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{Do you have a story in your stomach?}

As I mentioned in my earlier blogs, I have inherited an unconditional love for fish from my parents. In a very ordinary world where we don’t have the time to hear anyone’s heart; who would really care to know what a luscious fish on your plate hides in its stomach. This Sunday I went to my weekend muse ‘Juna Bazaar’ and picked up a tiny bronze fish with one fin missing, I liked it that way! I have a million secrets in my stomach and so does this bronze marine starlet.

I was born in the most extra-ordinary and magical. A place where my mother glided in her own armor. I was about to be born in this lucid milieu with several siblings. I was distinct with a red lining on me. During my birth there were some human feet intruding in our space but my mother managed to escape them. Then I was born and I mingled with the more secretive shells and corals. I became bigger and explored in the most illusive areas where the humans are bound to seek salvation and even though I was sharp and alert I was engulfed in a well knit strong net. I was then given in hands of a very uncanny fisherwoman, the same one where my mother was for a while. My red lining was the reason why I was picked up by the best chef in town.  My story is as ordinary as yours and no one has the time to hear either one of us, so don’t keep much in your stomach.’

Meet 'the uncanny fisher-woman'

The so called 'well knit net'

Don't miss the bronze coconut tree I found in 'Juna Bazaar' that subtlety complements our fish

A 'young at heart' Indian couple enjoying the fish on a starry night

I had a lovely time illustrating this with scattered mediums. This is a very tiny strip, illustrating the life of this red-lined fish.

To see more come and peep inside her stomach :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

{ Nostalgic Cushion }

I know how difficult it has been to leave the most amusing city that was my home for the last two months. As a close friend says, it’s a journey and doesn’t matter if it’s a day or a year, it is still a journey. I have introduced all of you to Sasha before and here’s what I thought of making for my aunt and her family before I left. A sketch of Sasha and then I superimposed the same on a cushion cover.

I find cushion covers very nostalgic and I couldn’t think of making anything else for a family that took care of me so warmly. When you live with someone, the first thing you would long for is the warmth of your own home. I had a lovely time with my cousins and I miss chatting with them over wine and exotic cocktails sitting by their life size window overlooking the sea.

Add caption

I miss you Bombay and I miss the most ordinary side of you! I shall be back soon, to the sea.

Also I want to mention that because of the new interface of Blogspot I have been able to see that there are several people from distant places like Nepal, Turkey, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, USA, Germany, UK and Russia who have been seeing my blog. I wish to tell you all that you motivate me to blog even more and I am very touched by the fact that you take the time to read what I write. So here’s a big Thank you!

Well now I am back to more comforting (ofcourse because it my hometown) city; a city that believes in its own pace and thoughts. It feels a little different but it’s a journey after all. I am off to my Sunday muse – Juna Bazaar!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

{ THE Y()GA CAFE and its invigorating chai }

I spent my Sunday at the Yoga House Café, a tranquil and invigorating place in Bandra. This place has a very pale but contrasting color palette and once you stretch your legs and comfort yourself on one of the low seating amidst cushions; you would just not want to get up. I had a slightly bad throat and while I sat there sketching in my diary I was served kadha chai which instantly made me feel  better in the impulsive Bombay weather.

The Yoga House was introduced to me by my sister Shweta who has been staying in Bandra for a long time now. We happened to visit the place briefly on Saturday when I decided to visit again with my sketchbook.

This is the low seating I was talking about with an earthen mug, khadi napkin, kadha chai and lots of honey!

I would recommend this café to people who like to spend their afternoons writing, sketching or also being a part of the workshops that happen there. Also you will bump into some interesting people from across the globe. The warmth of the people who maintain the place makes your visit even more comfortable. Don’t miss the large spread of organic food and beverages when you visit.

For all the chai lovers, they have some amazing chai’s and a very tiny dog who keeps greeting you every now and then.

I am sure all of you are back to future on a Monday morning, have a nice week ahead :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

{I see the grill} through the grill

Through the grill, I see the grill,
Marred palms clinging on to the grill,
How many more to go;
How many passed,
Through the grill, they see the grill,
In a city with a cramped up neighborhood;
Confined dreams,
I still see the grill through the grill.

Some of the sketches I made while waiting for my train and while wandering through the city. The quintessential chawls and the large windows with distinct but elemental metal grills and a million eyes glaring outside standing behind them intrigue me. The sketch below is of the Lower-Parel fish market which I pass every morning on my way to the studio. The smell of the fish reminds me of the fish curry my mother makes and also how we love this uncanny smell. I have inherited unconditional love for fish from my parents :) 

Hope your day too is full of dreams in another cluttered milieu.

From the cramped up and cluttered city. Love

Friday, July 6, 2012

The {mucky} journey

It’s become a routine now, getting up to the sea, having chai and then hopping on to the Churchgate slow. My room window opens to a surreal panoramic view of Mumbai with the Bandra-Worli Sea link right in front and an uninterrupted view of Bandra and Worli on either side; not to forget the sparkling lights reaching the sky at night. The sky that subtly merges with the sea has its own color palette every day.

This is how I see the sky-line at night and even in the late hours of night it feels as if the night is far away!

After days of heavy rain the sky is at last lit up and is clear with clouds hiding far away. The day however is the usual bustling crowd chasing the trains and crossing the mucky tracks to continue their respective journeys; journeys that haven’t ended for years together.

 As I said in my last post, no one in Mumbai is ordinary! As the rain water rushes down the roads in the city and your feet is tickled by various living/non-living elements, your mind starts thinking of possibilities of what could have just touched you. Never-mind

The weekend is finally here :] Have a *mucky* weekend !