Thursday, April 21, 2011

What does it take to smile?

Ok, how much will it cost to smile?

To lift those heavy cheeks that have forgotten how to spread!

To reveal the ‘not so white teeth’ happily,

Or to just grin in a while?

To hide that tad bit of ego that just doest wish to hide,

How much will it cost anyway?

So many people around,

Same monotonous faces every day,

Will a smile spoil it further?

Or maybe just make it all a bit lighter?

Time is passing, moment by moment.

So much to do,

So much to think,

So much to say,

Why not do it all with a gentle smile?

Come on!

Just try it; it isn’t that difficult anyway,

Just a little effort,

You never know, you might just find a dimple hiding inside.


How much will it cost anyway?:)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Sarcastic Rain God :)

The palette of the weather is turning pale,
The window panes are ready for a gentle jerk,
The clouds seem to fool us with their distant murmur,
And we stare at the grey sky while the rain God and the Sun compete.
We aren’t sure whether to sip on ice teas or a hot cup of black coffee,
We aren’t sure whether the transparent crystals are soon going to tickle us.
We begin to take out our umbrellas and dusty raincoats from the loft,
We begin o postpone our evening plans,
We put our hands outside the window and wait for the rain drops to fall on our fingers.
And before we call it rain, it’s all gone.
There is suddenly a yellow ting in the weather.
The sun peeps out of nowhere and reminds us, “Chill guys, worst summer is yet to come, the rains are far away.”
We get disappointed and laugh at the sarcastic rain God while we sip on refreshing summer drinks. :)