Thursday, June 28, 2012

{He is not just another guy, after-all}

I always wanted to go for the Kumbh-mela that happens in Haridwar. Other than being among a swarm of pilgrims and the Ganga I dint really have any other intention of going there. Also it takes place somewhere around my birthday in January. Every year I read about the stampede that happens and hundreds of these dedicated pilgrims lose their lives. I thought it would be invigorating to go and observe people, experience the organized chaos.

Mumbai isn’t any different, I sound very unreasonable but Mumbai is chaos personified. Every day when I head back from work I wish I could dive in the sea and sit underwater for a while just to experience what silence feels like but I am sure its crowded even there! There is so much happening all the time, whether it’s early hours of the morning or midnight; you would see people just everywhere.

After you see so many people every day that you tend to feel that you have seen all these people somewhere before. You start relating to them and you get used to rather become a part of the chaos. People say the city is fast, it’s not really fast it’s just like water falling from a height and droplets getting scattered all over the place.

For all of you who cross the major junctions at rush hours you will relate to these sketches. Don’t ask me who they are rather I don’t know who these people are but I am sure you will relate to them.

Nobody is ordinary in Mumbai! Have a warm weekend :]

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sasha :)

Before I came to Mumbai I was hoping and had promised that I would blog more often, the very apparent reason being- this city is like a story book with life size illustrations to support your imagination; with no cover photograph and many pre-faces.
I have been working for a design studio called Freedom Tree Design which works on a niche clientele and specializes in color and trend forecast for many cool brands. When you are a doodle-book sought of a person and suddenly you enter a fast paced work environment your doodle book ends up being the last thing on your mind. You tend to get more involved in what your client wants and you start relentlessly working towards your goal, rather your client’s goal. It’s a very demanding business at the end of the day!

I am sure every person who visits Mumbai defines the city in his/her own way, for me it’s a very homely and warm city. When you struggle to get in your regular train and someone stretches their hand to pull you in, that’s when you feel that you belong. When you get in, people will try their level best to fit you in and end up having a long conversation on anything under the sun. There are some who prefer staring and some who cannot even blink because they are absorbed in gossip. It is fun overhearing conversations and you end up knowing that person and his family by the time you reach home. There is too much to write and too much that already has been said about this place, I have something very special to tell you.

Meet Sasha, my new friend in Mumbai. Sasha lives with my aunt and her family. All of them have made my stay here even more fun and special. Sasha refused to come to me in the initial days but as time passed she came and licked my face and started playing with me. Every day she makes sure that she barks at least once wagging her little tail. The pictures I took this morning will tell you more about this shy but audacious friend. (Don't miss her tongue that keeps falling out of her mouth)

And now that I am blogging the rain walks in proudly from the windows :)

Hope you all are enjoying the first showers, have a nice Sunday!