Thursday, May 31, 2012

{See you from Mumbai soon}

I will soon be blogging from Mumbai where I will be living for the next two months. Waking up with the sea I shall blog more than usual! ;)

So more from the bustling gallis and the place I will be interning soon !

Have a nostalgic monsoon & for those of you who are venturing into new cities and places, keep blogging!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

{ With love }

I was a very timid and shy child but I my thoughts were never obscure, I knew I wanted to be like my mother and I long to become like her even today.

Happy Birthday Aai :)

The mountains,
The trees,
The sparrows
And the streams.
For all we saw,
Was together.
Why sings the bird;
Why speaks the tree,
Why eat the fish,
Why see?
All the unreasonable,
The substantial;
All what was unrequited,
Was our conversation.
The saucers stained by my paint,
The coffee mugs that smell of turpentine,
The clouds in the morning,
The cucumbers in the tiffin,
The sunshine before the exams,
The smell of bangles,
Our life revolved;
Around the tiny bits,
Irrelevant to the others;
Conversation to us!
Why eat the fish,
Why tickle the taste buds,
Why boil the tea,
Why chop the garlic;
Our days passed by the stove.
To find a new meaning;
Meaning of what makes us smile,
For years,
Neither the mountains nor the clouds,
Neither the sparrows nor the tea has marred,
Our lives still revolve around the most uncanny and minuscule,
Irrelevant to the others,
Relationship for us,
Conversation, love and adulation,
For me; Touchwood!

Have a sweet Friday, see you next week :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

. Disha .

Disha is an initiative by students of IISER, Pune. Read more about it in my article below that appears in The DNA today.

Would like to mention- The students in IISER are always up for such causes and if you ever wish to be a part of any of their activities feel free to visit them in Pashan, Pune.

And yes you can look forward to some more posts this week :) Love

Saturday, May 12, 2012

{ State of the Art }

This appears in today's Pune Mirror in their Leisure column where they feature travelogues.

While I drafted this write-up for PM I re-lived the days I spent there a year back. The experiences and naive people I met there have been a journey in itself more than the art that runs in the blood of people there. 

Have a lovely Sunday, I have some sweet things coming up in the coming week!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

{ Where are the Buddha&Buddhi ? }

Whenever I heard this I visualized the Buddha&Buddhi to be somewhat like this. The question still remains, 'Where are the Buddha&Buddhi?' or for that matter were they ever there?
One of the many obscure things we believed in as children, never-mind !

Have a nice day :]

Friday, May 4, 2012

{ My recluse }

The shell I hail from,
Is its own recluse,
The sand that cocoons,
Is the sea’s confidant.

As I walk over the wet;
Uncanny sand,
My nails hide the grainy stories,
I look down and let it go,
For the sand needs its cocoon.

I dig inside,
Let my feet sink in,
I get scared of the impulsive unevenness,
And I have fingers to cling onto,
My recluse.

I turn around and do it over and over again,
To tell the sea; I can withstand its robust spread,
I cling onto the finger yet again,
For they are by me.

Once the fingers hesitated,
Because they were drowned themselves,
In the firm wet sand beneath,
No recluse, no confidant.

This time the fingers searched for a confidant,
To feel the unevenness,
Of the uncanny sand,
My nails hide the grainy stories,
I looked down and let it go,
For the sand needs its cocoon.