{ THE Y()GA CAFE and its invigorating chai }

I spent my Sunday at the Yoga House Café, a tranquil and invigorating place in Bandra. This place has a very pale but contrasting color palette and once you stretch your legs and comfort yourself on one of the low seating amidst cushions; you would just not want to get up. I had a slightly bad throat and while I sat there sketching in my diary I was served kadha chai which instantly made me feel  better in the impulsive Bombay weather.

The Yoga House was introduced to me by my sister Shweta who has been staying in Bandra for a long time now. We happened to visit the place briefly on Saturday when I decided to visit again with my sketchbook.

This is the low seating I was talking about with an earthen mug, khadi napkin, kadha chai and lots of honey!

I would recommend this café to people who like to spend their afternoons writing, sketching or also being a part of the workshops that happen there. Also you will bump into some interesting people from across the globe. The warmth of the people who maintain the place makes your visit even more comfortable. Don’t miss the large spread of organic food and beverages when you visit.

For all the chai lovers, they have some amazing chai’s and a very tiny dog who keeps greeting you every now and then.

I am sure all of you are back to future on a Monday morning, have a nice week ahead :)


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