{ Nostalgic Cushion }

I know how difficult it has been to leave the most amusing city that was my home for the last two months. As a close friend says, it’s a journey and doesn’t matter if it’s a day or a year, it is still a journey. I have introduced all of you to Sasha before and here’s what I thought of making for my aunt and her family before I left. A sketch of Sasha and then I superimposed the same on a cushion cover.

I find cushion covers very nostalgic and I couldn’t think of making anything else for a family that took care of me so warmly. When you live with someone, the first thing you would long for is the warmth of your own home. I had a lovely time with my cousins and I miss chatting with them over wine and exotic cocktails sitting by their life size window overlooking the sea.

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I miss you Bombay and I miss the most ordinary side of you! I shall be back soon, to the sea.

Also I want to mention that because of the new interface of Blogspot I have been able to see that there are several people from distant places like Nepal, Turkey, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, USA, Germany, UK and Russia who have been seeing my blog. I wish to tell you all that you motivate me to blog even more and I am very touched by the fact that you take the time to read what I write. So here’s a big Thank you!

Well now I am back to more comforting (ofcourse because it my hometown) city; a city that believes in its own pace and thoughts. It feels a little different but it’s a journey after all. I am off to my Sunday muse – Juna Bazaar!


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