{Do you have a story in your stomach?}

As I mentioned in my earlier blogs, I have inherited an unconditional love for fish from my parents. In a very ordinary world where we don’t have the time to hear anyone’s heart; who would really care to know what a luscious fish on your plate hides in its stomach. This Sunday I went to my weekend muse ‘Juna Bazaar’ and picked up a tiny bronze fish with one fin missing, I liked it that way! I have a million secrets in my stomach and so does this bronze marine starlet.

I was born in the most extra-ordinary and magical. A place where my mother glided in her own armor. I was about to be born in this lucid milieu with several siblings. I was distinct with a red lining on me. During my birth there were some human feet intruding in our space but my mother managed to escape them. Then I was born and I mingled with the more secretive shells and corals. I became bigger and explored in the most illusive areas where the humans are bound to seek salvation and even though I was sharp and alert I was engulfed in a well knit strong net. I was then given in hands of a very uncanny fisherwoman, the same one where my mother was for a while. My red lining was the reason why I was picked up by the best chef in town.  My story is as ordinary as yours and no one has the time to hear either one of us, so don’t keep much in your stomach.’

Meet 'the uncanny fisher-woman'

The so called 'well knit net'

Don't miss the bronze coconut tree I found in 'Juna Bazaar' that subtlety complements our fish

A 'young at heart' Indian couple enjoying the fish on a starry night

I had a lovely time illustrating this with scattered mediums. This is a very tiny strip, illustrating the life of this red-lined fish.

To see more come and peep inside her stomach :)


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