The {mucky} journey

It’s become a routine now, getting up to the sea, having chai and then hopping on to the Churchgate slow. My room window opens to a surreal panoramic view of Mumbai with the Bandra-Worli Sea link right in front and an uninterrupted view of Bandra and Worli on either side; not to forget the sparkling lights reaching the sky at night. The sky that subtly merges with the sea has its own color palette every day.

This is how I see the sky-line at night and even in the late hours of night it feels as if the night is far away!

After days of heavy rain the sky is at last lit up and is clear with clouds hiding far away. The day however is the usual bustling crowd chasing the trains and crossing the mucky tracks to continue their respective journeys; journeys that haven’t ended for years together.

 As I said in my last post, no one in Mumbai is ordinary! As the rain water rushes down the roads in the city and your feet is tickled by various living/non-living elements, your mind starts thinking of possibilities of what could have just touched you. Never-mind

The weekend is finally here :] Have a *mucky* weekend !


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