Writing makes me live life through different people. It makes me cross age barriers, become younger and sometimes older and at times I get so carried away with my characters that I live an entire day of their life and get back to mine after I write my last word, add a full stop and tell myself, “It’s just a part of what you do.”

Stories that look simple are the ones that need to be thought of the most. There is inevitably nothing ‘simple’ in any form of expression. It is at times tiring but when you think of those dedicated readers who await your stories, you quickly get back to your pen and paper and then it’s you and your world.

‘Jargon’ is my new story for people who use lot of it in their conversations. It is sometimes nice to avoid jargon, be articulate and simple making people relate to what you are talking.

September's almost here and there are of-course many things to look forward to. Have a  lovely weekend and see you here soon!


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