devoted stomach

The smoke travels its way,
Through the narrow aromatic gallis.

Mohallah that echoes voices
Of the devoted stomach.
The lights that emerge
Atop wired balconies,
A soothing voice,
Guides you and me.

Little taqiyahs shine every now and then,
Some embroidered and some vibrant.
A feast of compassion
That sees no caste or creed;
Welcomes one and all
To join and share,
Joys of all.

Quaint kebabs;
To catch the eye.
A glutton wanderer
Who sees no caste or creed,
Joins and shares,
Joys of all!

So this was the Iftar feast in my city, from an area that boasts of aromas all round the year. I am off to my second home, Mumbai where I will be celebrating Eid ul fitr on Friday. Eid Mubarak to all of you in advance and hope you celebrate it with your mind, heart and most importantly your taste buds!


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