While I was in school I often went to the then new Puchkawala near my house. I would go there on my bicycle with a ten rupee note in my pocket. He made good Puchka as per the Maharashtrian taste. Having Puchka makes me happy even today but now after having it in different parts of the country I realize why we Indians are meticulous when it comes to having Puchka.

It’s fascinating how something as small as a golgappa/Puchka makes us feel like we belong. I simply like the conventional way of having Puchka with the bhaiya dipping his entire hand in the earthen pot. Never ignore his long thumb nail always painted in a very striking color.

Meet this grumpy woman who is not really happy with the puchka she is having but she is unable to resist it and the paani from her open mouth is falling all over her!

We are a million people with million likes and preferences but we do manage our taste buds when we are travelling and have Puchka only because we cannot resist it even though it might not be as per our taste preference.

We all love it don’t we? Puchka and blogging are two things I need at least once a week. :) 


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