An ode to a {homemaker}

An ode to a beautiful man, I have been seeing for many years on the street until I spoke to him a month back. Here is a short film I made on Gopichand Mehendale, a man who has dedicated his life to giving the stray animals a place they can call home and in that journey has made a home for himself.

I have sung the song myself in Bengali because I find the language very warm. Earlier I wrote a song in Hindi but it is yet to get composed. Anyone who likes the lyrics is welcome to compose it for me, I will be very happy!

PS: Gopichand Mehendale lives near the circle on Shastri road in Pune; he accepts help in every way. Trust me when you speak to him, you will experience joy of a different kind.

Here are the lyrics of the song I wrote on him:

कभी तो तू चलाकर अपनी ही राह पर,
थोडीसी गुफ्तगू कर अपनी ही राह पर,
जो तेरे हमसफ़र बने वही होंगे तेरे साथी, 
तेरे राही जो तूने चुने, अपनी ही राह  पर।

ये दुनिया झूठी, इस दुनिया मे आकार,
अपनी राह को भुलाकर, कभी तो तू चलाकर।
कभी तेरी दास्ताँ सुनकर, दो लफ्ज कहकर,
तेरे क़दमों के निशान, अस्तित्व के इल्जाम,
कभी उन्हें भुलाकर, कभी तू चलाकर,
तेरे रही चलेंगे तेरी ही राह  पर।

भटक जाए रास्ता तेरे साथियों का,
जो तू उन्हें भुलाकर चलेगा।
बिखरे पत्थरों में पाएंगे, तेरा बिखरा आशिया,
रही जो तूने चुने, अपनी ही राह  पर।

धुंधलाती आखें क्या जाने,
तेरे क़दमों की आदत,
ये सफ़र है तेरा, तेरे साथ,
अपनी ही राह  पर,
अपनी ही राह  पर।

All you dear people who are inspiring me to blog every week, thank you. I see people from distant places writing to me, feels good that you relate to what I do. :) 


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