On my way following the stars because they know the way!

I have a distinct memory of one Christmas when our house was filled with all my cousins and Grandparents. That was our first house in Pune after we shifted there. Christmas in Pune is a cold one and being in a convent school the carols always became synonymous with the cool wind around. It was late in the night at the Christmas eve and all of us children were sent to bed because we were told that if we dint sleep, Santa would not come at all. I am talking about time when I still believed in Santa and thought he lived in the clouds. I always felt that how lonely Santa would be up there all round the year and still he would make so many children happy!
I had lot of obscure questions that day, the most genuine was- how Mr. Santa would come inside our house because we had metal grilled windows, the doors were locked and lights were switched off. I was told that if I would keep my eyes open I wouldn't see him. The next morning was an expected surprise but it was still a surprise.
Probably that was the only year when I got a gift from Santa because the next morning my sister told me that it was my parents and not Santa and that’s how it worked all over the world. As much as I wanted to believe her I tried not to.
Then for many years I did not get gifts for Christmas except one when my Grandfather had come and kept a gift next to me at night and I had seen him do that. My eyes were half open even though I pretended to be fast asleep only because I did not want to disappoint him, neither myself.

To all the beautiful parents like mine, here’s a small note from us children and adults who wish to become children again:

Into the starry night,
As clouds would form a clutter,
Let me dream, let me dream;
Because the man in the beard is on his way.
He will come because he knows the way,
Following the stars on his way.
The way to my heart and not my mind,
Let me dream, let me dream!
Tomorrow he shall vanish in the thin air,
With my aspirations and goals chasing my way,
Then I wouldn't know the way;
To my heart and mind,
Let me dream, let me dream!
Let me believe,
That someone will come, following the stars!

Merry Christmas Blog-peers, I shall now see you in the New Year with new dreams and new worlds. The old world will always be by our side. I would like to mention that this week I had maximum readers from Latvia, Europe along with the US, Ukraine, Korea, Singapore, France, Malaysia, Denmark, Dubai, Turkey and topping the list of-course my very own India.This relationship with all of you who are so away makes me feel that I belong to this magical world.
More later, Lots of love.


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