Tibetan Hand-type shopping

When we are wandering in a visually enchanting country like ours we tend to buy lot of things to take back home. Since the time I started my journey as a Blogger (which totally sounds like a new age profession) ; whether it was writing or illustrating, my interaction with letters and font styles only grew.

I like the blot; I like how the ink flows freely on paper. So as I strolled along the streets of Dharamsala absorbing as much as could visually, these were some hand painted fonts that intrigued me. Even though the fonts belonged to a particular type family the intuition of the person who painted it could be seen. The palette complemented the place, the people and to some extent even the food of Tibetan locals. At times contrasting, the font attributes caught my attention and made their way to my diary.

While I tried to replicate them in my tiny book I realized the nuances the artist needs to keep in mind because he is doing it on a much larger and uneven surface. However he retains his visual language and still manages to maintain the weight, width and style of that particular font which is incredible.

Ask me the technicalities of Typography and I know none but what I appreciate is the way 
hand-typographers connect you to their intuition.

Have an intuitive weekend and you might want to share your intuition with someone by writing to him/her. It must have been long since you wrote with your hand, so go for it. 


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