{The chaotic monk} ~ a photoessay

I will not pose without my robe,
I will stand still like the mountains,
Because they are a part of me.
I stare at them in my free time,
And let them give me hope.
This is how I am,
Vibrant and calm.
I am a monk;
A chaotic monk.

There have been several notions, mostly preconceived about monks. On this magical journey I got a chance to know some of the monks of different age groups quite closely during the classes I took with them and my perception of them as people completely changed. I believe monks; of any age are the most balanced people I have encountered around me. Their lives have several layers; layers that people like us would discover only if we spent enough time with them.
Think of someone far away from their homeland; a homeland that is claimed by someone else as theirs, living miles away in a place just to follow one man whose teachings mean the world to them, His Holiness. It’s inconceivable for someone like us who know where we belong to.

Tenzin Dhancho lives in the Tashi Choeling Monastery in Mcleodganj. He doesn't speak much but when he is asked to let himself free, he transforms into a joyous soul.
We all are the same, just scattered all over making the world what it is.

I have been back on this space after a long time and I missed this space and our interaction. But now I have so much more to share with you. I shall slowly, in different mediums.


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