Summery {joys}

I have been having sol kadhi since the time I was born. It is an essential part of our meal since we happen to eat fish almost every day. The first thing that tempts you to have it is its subtle color. You can always judge good sol kadhi from a mediocre one just by its color. The coriander leaves complement its fresh color and give you a soothing feeling when you drink it on a hot summer day. You can have it with boiled rice and fried fish.
When I was younger, my mother made fish mostly on Sundays and I connected Sundays to the aroma of steamed rice and fresh chilled sol kadhi followed by a short nap. I wondered how it was made and thought that some kind of color was added to the kadhi. Now after many years of trying sol kadhi in different parts of the country I realize how each community is sensitive about how it needs to be made. Some people add cumin seeds while some think if you add cumin; it’s no more the authentic sol kadhi. Well, thanks personal choice but the real star behind this refreshing taste is kokum, a fruit that forms a base for most of the delicacies in the Konkan region of India.

Now that the weather is going to be hard on us, might as well treat ourselves with some summery joys


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