The {dotted} line

I have always believed that if you love Mumbai, Mumbai will love you back. If you hate it, it will still love you. For me Mumbai is not just a place it’s a person, very flamboyant, bold but shy. And what makes it the way it is for me? The dotted line that connects you to this alluring place. For me this dotted line is the zillions of dreamers and charmers- the people of Mumbai.

One such man is Chachaji; he stands outside Lower Parel station and makes bhel in a blink of your eyes. His eyes are intriguing and his khaki shirt has a stitched pocket in which he keeps his money. The stitches are very prominent. Whether its early morning or late evening, Chachaji is always there relentlessly making bhel. He told me that he goes home by the last local train at 1.46 am.
bhelwale chacha jo 1.40 ki last local se ghar jate hai!
This dotted line extends every time I meet people in Mumbai, and like the place the people too are flamboyant, at times warm but on their toes all the time.

 More later, very soon. Have a flamboyant weekend!


  1. My previous work place made me get off at LP station everyday and cross the narrow bending lanes thronged with people moving in two distinct rows-one moving towards and the other away from the station!To the side of these lanes, placed at shorter than an arms distance were paani-puri waalas, omelette makers,fresh juice carts and other umpteen food-hawkers, relentlessly working in the same manner throughout the day! Sigh! I miss Mumbai!

  2. Indeed! both places I worked were at LP so I can walk that lane blindly now! The place gets livelier by the night just like the rest of Mumbai.

  3. I'm hoping JWT is treating you well.
    The Agency and Mumbai are truly wonderful moulders of character. Don't let either of them make you too hard though.

  4. Hey Arati, yes its going good. And what you said is absolutely true, Mumbai and Advertising both can make one too hard because they both are vague and unpredictable! Hope you are doing well :)

  5. I love everything you write, something I can relate to always. Mumbai fascinates me too! I hope to experience it one day :)

    1. Thank you Tanvi, you will experience it soon and you will cherish it always! There is more coming from Mumbai soon so peep in :)


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