The {Bawa} who shines

Everyday on my way to the Mahim station, I cross the little Parsi community that resides in the Mahim Parsi Colony. The frilly curtains and small yellow bulbs make me peep inside their windows and see their happy life. I find Parsi people extremely lively and charismatic. The women are graceful and warm and men ambiguous. I like that ambiguity and perhaps that’s what makes them so appealing. With so many things around us changing, the Parsis are one community that have preserved their way of dressing and style. It’s remarkable.

Yesterday as I was staring at these frilly curtains, a old Bawa peeped out from his grilled window and gave me a wide smile. The morning sunlight highlighted his white scarf and definitely my day. He was so beautiful, where do we get to see smiles anymore?

If you are in search of smiles and joy then you need a Bawa in your life.



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