I am quite annoyed by the television series “What not to wear” that airs on TLC. I believe that dressing is something very intuitive and personal. So when I came across some lovely posters made by several artists and illustrators on being ‘fearless’ I thought I would make one as well. After the tragic death of India’s dear daughter Nirbhaya I wanted to write a lot of things but I did not because I was not able to articulate what I felt about the brutal incident. I also did not like how the entire matter was blown up by news channels across the country. I did support the opinions and suggestions but I strongly felt that it was over done. Everything boils down to being a business and entertainment business is like that, very brutal in itself.

So when I sat down to paint many thoughts came to my mind and I thought what was the fundamental step of being ‘fearless’. I started from my roots and this is what I wrote:

I come from a predominantly conventional city, Pune. Even though one will find a mélange of different cultures and attitudes in this city it is still not a ‘metropolitan’ as it is often referred as. This poster portrays a girl who dresses intuitively but at the same time retains the essence of traditional elements like the ‘gajra’ and the ‘bindi’. She is aware, warm and boldly flaunts the word ‘nirbhaya’ tattooed on her tanned skin. She believes that she is an expression before being a human and knows her roots.

So this is my first blog in the new year. Now this year is undoubtedly very crucial for me both personally and professionally. I really wish to stay connected with all of you because this is my only permanent residence. 
God bless :}


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