~ I sail {Turning Twenty-two}

Age is inevitable and so is the feeling of being a year older. The photograph below is of me on one of our family vacations and my phobia for water would make me wander around the swimming pool and not step in. During this vacation was my first encounter with the sea, a water body that mesmerized me. I remember getting so intimidated by the sea that I never stepped in. I liked the sand and was always tempted to eat it.

This enduring phobia of water ended years later when my mother forced me to learn swimming. My fear soon ended and I started liking to glide in the water. The silence underwater comforted me and swimming as a passion gave me a sense of independence.

This independence grew with me in every aspect and with everything I did and still do. I am of belief that we are sailors and before we seek comfort from others, we comfort ourselves through thoughts or through what we do. Now as I grow into another year of being there, I hope to see more seas, more waves and certainly more breeze to glide and sail with. But let the sand be warm enough to make me feel like coming back to the shore because that’s where I belong.
The kite is my companion because I was born on Sankranti, a day that marks the transition of the Sun and to welcome this mighty element we fly kites.

Happy Makar Sankranti to all of you!


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