Little from the {warm} sand.

{I almost forgot I could glide,
And sleep on the stagnant waters,
Feel the beer go down the saturated throat;
And dig my feet in the grainy sand.
I almost forgot.}

I am back from an extremely rejuvenating trip to Goa. My family and me being unconditional foodies, we have explored every possible eatery in and around Goa in the last several years. Yet another place was discovered considering our ever-growing love for fish. This was a small quaint Goan restaurant in the narrow lanes of Panjim called Linda’s Viva Panjim. We were welcomed by Linda’s wide warm smile and felt completely at home with her hospitality. Viva Panjim has been around for many years and has various prestigious accolades to its credit for Goan food.
Linda D'souza
 I would strongly recommend the 'orange fish curry' as they call it with the extensive fish platter along with gin with tonic water/port wine/beer.

I was away from my phone and internet so couldn't blog from there even though I was tempted to share some pictures taken on the iPad (I am saying this because I am a technophobe).Anyway here are some of my favorites. 

Now I am eagerly looking forward to Diwali and some work I need to finish before it. Hope you take a short break too and just ‘be’ for some time. Have a quiet Sunday, I will see you soon.


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