Saturday, October 20, 2012

A {place} makes a person.

It’s often difficult to answer this question, "What inspires you?" The answer is usually a little vague and at times convincing. Here is my work space at home which inspires me to express because the space has grown with me and now I am quite sensitive to my surroundings. There are lots of things that are not a part of this small video because it is indeed impossible to document every small thing I have gathered over the years. The rain and its sound intrigued me to shoot this. 

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This is for my mother who has witnessed the growth of this space very closely and she still threatens me that she would give away all the rusted things I have collected. I know she wouldn't.
Music is by the inevitable thumri veteran, Girija Devi.

{Hope you spend your weekend in the space that inspires you}

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