{ With love }

I was a very timid and shy child but I my thoughts were never obscure, I knew I wanted to be like my mother and I long to become like her even today.

Happy Birthday Aai :)

The mountains,
The trees,
The sparrows
And the streams.
For all we saw,
Was together.
Why sings the bird;
Why speaks the tree,
Why eat the fish,
Why see?
All the unreasonable,
The substantial;
All what was unrequited,
Was our conversation.
The saucers stained by my paint,
The coffee mugs that smell of turpentine,
The clouds in the morning,
The cucumbers in the tiffin,
The sunshine before the exams,
The smell of bangles,
Our life revolved;
Around the tiny bits,
Irrelevant to the others;
Conversation to us!
Why eat the fish,
Why tickle the taste buds,
Why boil the tea,
Why chop the garlic;
Our days passed by the stove.
To find a new meaning;
Meaning of what makes us smile,
For years,
Neither the mountains nor the clouds,
Neither the sparrows nor the tea has marred,
Our lives still revolve around the most uncanny and minuscule,
Irrelevant to the others,
Relationship for us,
Conversation, love and adulation,
For me; Touchwood!

Have a sweet Friday, see you next week :)


  1. thats a really pretty poem...lucky your mom..:)
    happy bdae to her too...:)


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