{ State of the Art }

This appears in today's Pune Mirror in their Leisure column where they feature travelogues.


While I drafted this write-up for PM I re-lived the days I spent there a year back. The experiences and naive people I met there have been a journey in itself more than the art that runs in the blood of people there. 

Have a lovely Sunday, I have some sweet things coming up in the coming week!


  1. Thanks Gaurav,you visited our village and written some invisible aspects.I will share it with PHOOL CHACHA.He always miss you alot.

  2. Thank you Avinash, was planning to post a copy to santoshji. And yes I miss you all and your warmth :)

  3. Woah! that is such a nice read! wonderful and insightful :) Don't know why I took so long to read this.Always a pleasure reading what you write Gaurav :)


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