This is for you Anusha, when you grow up you will still be the wave :)

Time is a wave,

Dancing in glory when it’s young,

A little vicious in the middle,

Invisible in the end.

And so is age!

This is my six year old niece, Anusha. From all the pictures I took during my Goa trip, this one is my favorite. For a viewer a picture is a story, for the photographer it’s a canvas. When she went into the sea she almost seemed like the waves, dancing in glory just like a few other children enjoying the sea and this is what I like about being young, being full of energy and fresh thoughts. They don’t know much of the world outside because they are so absorbed in the world inside them. The world that dissolves in adolescence and becomes desire in adulthood.

How old are you? Are you still dancing in glory or is the world inside you a distant desire?


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