Its a funny place to be.

I wonder very often, this is such a funny world. People are people for a while until you experience them. How do you experience them? You know so many people, at the same time you hardly know anyone. I know so many things about myself, there are so many things others know of me. Are they true or for that matter what is it to be true? It’s just a funny world; everything is here for a while, just for a while.

I know you for a while or for quite some time, but who knows why I know you. How do I know till when do I know you and from when do I know you. Is it really a funny world?

There is so much to everything, that I feel I should close my eyes for a while. What if I forget how to open them again? I am made of me and me is just a miniscule of what makes me, me. I want to stand for a while, wet my feet and move them in mid air.

It’s just a funny world; it has nothing much to it.


  1. I guess, that is why we are just PEOPLE and not more than that.
    Loved the part... what if we close our eyes to think for a while and then we just cant open them!


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