That Bloody Breeze !

That breeze that just passed by me said a lot.

It got me here and it will take me there.

I don’t want to go,

I am not able to decide.

It’s too subtle to convince me,

For I am even more stubborn now.

Will you come along?

It is not a storm,

It’s just a breeze,

A bloody breeze.

It can’t do much, Anyway.

What are you thinking about?

Those stupid little dust particles that are going to make you blink,

And then cry?

Dint I just say, it’s just a bloody breeze.

It can’t do much.

But wait,

A breeze leads to a storm right?

And storms shake you from the core.

But I think I would be fine,

If you just come along.

Shit! I have wasted so much time in thinking whether to go or no,

It’s not here anymore,

Yes that bloody breeze is no more,

Neither is the storm.

And where are you now?

The breeze I called subtle, just took you away.

That bloody breeze,

Did a lot!


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