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I met the good,

I spent a lot of time with it,

I only saw the good as if there was nothing called as the bad.

I got used to the good.

Until one day when the bad decided to raise its ugly head,

And the good seemed to be missing,

As if it was never there.

It showed me that the good can sometimes also be bad,

Worse than the opposite of the good.

In school the two opposite words, good and bad were the easiest,

Until I stumbled upon the deeper good and bad.

The bad overtook the good,

And left its stain forever.

And even though the good in the ‘not so good’ tried to raise its clean face,

It just couldn’t verify itself.

It tried to be better than the good,

But in vain.

It all summed up to something.

The bad was in the good was not inevitable,

It rose only to show its presence,

And just failed to justify itself.


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