उल्टा :: Upside down trivia

He comes home late from school; there isn't much happening there anyway. Everything seems very trivial to him; the conversations, the dreams and yes those silly conversations. He often accompanies his parents to dinners and those at times pointless gatherings; there again it’s the same story.  What happened in the stock market and who suffered from eating street food or who is the most eligible candidate for an upcoming election. Everything was more or less pointless to him.
He wanted to flip the world; to go on a different planet for sometime. See how the world of different people was; what were their conversations all about, what did they want to be.


But this little boy had another side to him; a side only he knew of. This world had the same people, same conversations, birds and clouds. But they all looked different. Just the way he wanted them to be.

He could stare at them without speaking a word. The faces looked funny; with mustaches on the top and eyes at the bottom, hands up in the air and head floating nowhere. He liked it, he laughed at it, thought about it and forgot about it.

It was all his own, and that’s why he visited that world very often.


It’s the warmest feeling to come back to my sacred space; I was never gone though, but just had too much on my platter. In the last several months I got many emails from people who have been seeing me here that they miss our conversations so now I hope I keep at it and yes see you soon.

If you are tired with the mundane chores in the middle of the week, look at the world upside-down and laugh at what you just did.


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