It's a win win situation "Winning! #Conclave14"

It's a win win situation

The country I was born in wins when it loses;
Celebrates when it loses to win,
Where winning the first spot in 
any incongruous queue is winning,
Where a ‘like’ button, an overwhelming ‘emoticon’
, a ‘re-tweet’ reassures winning.

A green signal is victory,
Winning is twice loosing,
Loosing is just a consolation prize for winning.

Don’t laugh my friend;
It takes a bit, quite a bit to feel you have won.
In a country like mine,
A drunken husband who beats up his wife and wins,
A wife, who burns her obtrusive husband alive; wins,
A news channel wins when it intimidates 
the next prime-ministerial candidate,
Yes, it wins a million ‘hit’ on YouTube.

That is winning.
So win my boy; win little girl,
In a country of million conditionings,
You shall learn to loose, sorry; win.
Win what wins you wins,
Win the ‘hashtags’, win the ‘likes’, win
 the YouTube hits,
Because that is winning in todays wins.

Express to win; crib to loose,
Fight for the winner, the lost ones anyway fight.
But no my friend; win because you want to win,
Win what makes you feel you have won,
Don’t hide behind an intimidating emoticon,
Don’t demean what it means to win,
Win and go ahead to loose,

In a country like ours,
You win in the morning, loose by evening,
Go to bed smiling,
Only to win a new day;
Hoping to see the new day.

And that’s when you know you have won,


  1. Hey Gaurav its beautiful, and the old sketch complements the poem so well, of-late you've matured in your work so much. You're like the vintage wine, you mature with time. Carry on Gaurav


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