Precarious edges

My second youngest niece, Neeva will turn a year old soon. There is something unique about each one of my nephews and nieces. Whenever I think of them, that one special thing pop’s up in my mind and brings a wide smile to my face.


As we all were thinking about the gifts we could give her on her first birthday, I wanted to personally make something with my hands for her. Children will play and interact with whatever you give them, then they would start relating to it, cuddle it, tear it apart or just stare at it; in a short while that something would have a name; a story. At times the most joyful thing is to see a child break something you gave him/her into bits and pieces because what matters is that the child interacted with it.

I like the precarious edges of the doll; the raw stitches, the naïve hands and the expressive eyes just like little Neeva. The best thing about making a gift yourself is the warmth hidden in it and the secret story between you and the person you are giving it to. If that someone is a child, then it’s the icing on the cake!

So this perhaps is the last blog from the magical year of 2013. As much as the year seemed challenging in the beginning, it turned out to be quite an intriguing journey. Hope you have a beautiful and safe New Year's Eve. I have some stories in a new medium for you early in the new year. 



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