The Obsolete Acquaintance

As we raise our heels and stretch our little hands to touch the sky, there are some old friends we forget on our way. Very soon or sometimes never do we realize that the sky is actually very very far from us, and when we feel we are close to it, we are actually still far away.

In this festival of lights there is one old acquaintance who is not around anymore; a sprawling mango tree I woke up to every morning.

Goodbye Acquaintance...

Hope you are having the brightest and most beautiful week of the year, for my readers who are not from India, Diwali is a week long festival of lights we celebrate during this time of the year. It is believed that Lord Ram returned after fourteen years of exile and he was welcomed with lit ghee lamps.


  1. The last comment was epic. "Our hands will reach the sky ....". Well done.

  2. Thank you Pratik, wish you a very happy Diwali :)

  3. Lovely. Sensitively written and poignantly visualized. beautiful post Gaurav. :)


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