{steamed} spices

It was many years back when I first heard this name ‘patra ni macchi’ and had found it difficult to say it in one breath. Patra ni macchi happens to be my father’s favorite Parsi delicacy and I somehow never felt like having it when I was younger. Maybe it was just to do with it’s green color.

My father had a Parsi colleague in his office who had once invited us to her home for dinner and her husband, an enthusiastic cook had made Patra ni macchi. Perhaps that was the first time I tasted a little part of the fish and the flavors and the aroma still hover around in my mind. His preparation remains unmatched with any other Parsi restaurant I have been to till date.

Now, years later when I cook very often I realized that its not always about passion and love for cooking but it is also expressing your nostalgia through what you cook.

This is how I make my Patra ni macchi, I would recommend you to scatter chopped garlic while you steam it and add a drop of vinegar if you like.

I don’t know how authentic my recipes are because I am biased towards some spices. I like it that way.


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