Winter hiding behind {lanterns}

Meet Golu, who has just finished his school exams and has a short vacation awaiting him. But Golu is upset because of the mathematics exam on the last day and thinks he is going to score much lesser than all his friends. Golu loves red Chinese lanterns and the classic Diwali delicacy ‘karanji’. Last night his mother got him new clothes and asked him to wear them during his favorite festival that is round the corner. She knows that he is upset and hence she has put up a large red lantern in his room and is busy preparing his favorite sweets. The smell of the chakli, karanji and shankarpali from the kitchen is tempting our little Golu to forget petty worries and go with the flow. Maybe he will overcome his sorrow and help his mother in the kitchen who is waiting for him.
Don't we all relate to Golu? Festivals are probably meant to be the time when you do overcome petty sorrows!

Like Golu, my favorite festival of the year is making me smile and unwind. After all isn't Diwali just about dreaming, eating and smiling? As I unwind I am busy making little things. Here are some dreamy lights I made with little glass bottles and also there is a picture of some exquisite bottles I got today from the old city.

Happy Diwali to all of you, hope you unwind and laugh!


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