As I wandered through the city amidst a million eyes, some were waiting for their adored God to give them just his glimpse, some soaking in the catchy beats of the dhol while some wandering like me. Some with their loved ones; some longing for love, some came to unwind while some were left mesmerized.

The aromas of delicacies glided in the air as the smoke of the crackers took over. Children cried for the uncanny toys. One would see the most ordinary souls living the moment because tomorrow will be just another mundane day of their life.

If you got the opportunity to be a part of the joyous carnival, you would know what it means to be rooted. The visarjan or the immersion of our beloved God is just an excuse to live the floating moments.

We say a warm goodbye to him only to see him again the next year; with new wishes, new dreams. 


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