Lets raise a toast :)

Last week I spent a lovely afternoon with my eldest cousin sister who celebrated her tenth wedding anniversary in Bombay. The most frequent thought that lingered at the back of my mind was ‘if they are celebrating ten years together, how old I was in their wedding?’ I was only eleven years old then but when I think of their wedding or the relentless dance practice we did for their sangeet ceremony (on the then filmy gaane) it feels as if it happened just yesterday.
I share my birth date with Shweta and I relate to her the most amongst all my cousins. She has the same sensitivity towards art like I do and probably she is the only one in the family who knows what I am exactly studying. So while I was thinking of what I could gift my sister and my brother -in- law Aneet as they raise a toast to celebrate ten lovely years together; I thought why not make a story for them. A story of a Marathi bride and a north Indian groom.

Here are the cocktail coasters which highlight some quintessential Marathi and Hindi quotes which are so inevitable in our culture. Marriage is not just between two people, it’s an amalgamation of language, culture, emotions and moments. To compliment the coasters are the ‘wandering fish’ table mats to add to the incredible art collection of Shweta & Aneet.


  1. Gaurav all this looks so amazing. I must have a look at it when I go over to Tai's next. Keep it up dude, you have come up with such a simple yet brilliant concept! And, it shows how much the two mean to you :) :) :)

  2. "mirchi cha thecha"...awesome..:)


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