Peshwa Revival, because heritage is something everyone inherits by default and preservation is taken for granted.

A beautiful article in today's Business Standard Lifestyle written by my sister Pravda Godbole. Photographs are by me and I am putting up some more which are my favorite.
Do visit all the heritage sites listed by the PMC with your cameras or sketchbooks, feels good!


  1. It is very commendable that the PMC is taking up restoration of our cultural heritage seriously. For, these are the monuments which can give us a peep into our history. When one walks in through the Peshwa Arches and on the cold stone floor, we cannot help but feel a strange connection with the place. Perhaps, coz all of us have in some way or the other played reams of situations in our minds through History textbooks. Heritage and culture is for us to preserve and for the world to see!

  2. Absolutely Pravda, an entire coffee table book can be made on these before they undergo synthetic restoration. :)


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