Hey you!

Hey there! Yes YOU!

How about removing that mask for a while?

Or just putting those black inanimate threads off your eyes?

To step out from the centre of the crowd which is now your cocoon.

To let the vigorous air around take the smoke away,

That has been smudging your distinctiveness.

Are you still there?

Or the heat of the spirit has melted your plastic cloak.

Has the drug not elevated you enough?

Or are you not in your senses to pretend it has.

Step out of the invisible circle,

And find the being on the other side.

No matter how the cocoon will perceive you then,

But you will be you for a while.

You will run, jump and sway at your pace,

For you will be underived for a while.

You would soon see eyes glaring at you,

And you will be crumpled with isolation.

But then you will stand for a change, on your own feet,

Balance on the fingertips,

And rise like you.

The eyes will still glare at you,

But now you can see the semicircle behind the illusional circle.

For what looked complete and secure itself was precarious.

Your mask will soon vanish,

And you will see for a change.

You will cherish what you see, you will learn from what you see,

You will learn how to see.

You would then not care,

What you hear from a million worn-out tongues.

The tongues will soon make an opinion,

That would be debated by the timorous.

You would see from a distance,

And laugh at yourself.

Probably call out for yourself,

And find yourself inside you,

Still smiling.


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