After the most prolonged and tiring journey ever to Mumbai, we reached the Film City in Goregaon as per our plan. Actually not as per our plan due to unending traffic jams, the overloaded bus and Mumbai’s not so comforting weather. The reason for the visit being, watch KBC4 with the Big B and to observe how things work behind the camera. Just like any other design learner I was quite exited about the whole thing. Most of all, Mr. Bachchan.

After some basic instructions by the DOP and the Art director, the set was all ready to go, the very first episode of this season. Also the episode celebrating AB’s birthday. The shoot which was to begin at 2pm was postponed to 3.30pm. All of us, curious with all weird hi-end digital things around us, cameras rolling, spot lights and a huge number of technicians. Eyes of all ages looking for Mr. Bachchan.

Amidst all this chaos I see a tall figure, wait a second I say to myself, is that Him? And yes he is ‘The Amitabh Bachchan’. Eyes popped out, mouth wide open I see him walk in adjusting his tie. He waves the audience and people greet him with a huge round of applause, waving at him, shouting at the top of their voices. Not being a hardcore AB fan I was still awe struck by him not as a celebrity but for the person he is, his charisma, voice, the world talks about and above all the for the Star he is.

Along with Amitabh walks in his experience of decades, his confidence and his enthusiasm which very few of his age would have. The director Siddharth Basu says on the mike, “ready sir?” to that Mr. Bachchan says spontaneously, “I am ready for the past 1o years Sir.” Now that’s experience, confidence we can expect only from someone like the Big B. The shoot went on with some re-takes, the usual introduction, ‘fastest finger first’ round and some more retakes. I wondered if someone like AB has to give a retake, what would be the situation with a new comer. This was also when Mr. Bachchan delivered everything in one shot. He gave some shots again and again without much hesitation, most of the times without even referring to the script. There was a point where he gave a shot just imagining the contestant seated in front of him when there was no one sitting in the Hot Seat. Perfect timing, which made us, the audience believe that there was someone actually sitting opposite to him. The first few minutes of the shoot itself made me realize why he was The Amitabh Bachchan, why he is considered to be the Star of all times and why he is where he is today.

At the age of 68 the witty Mr.Bachchan is unbelievably young at heart, stylish, so fresh and full of energy. A true youth Icon. We all, who consider ourselves to be young physically, were tired just by sitting there and we overheard Mr. Bachchan saying he had more shoots after KBC on that very day. Now that’s unbelievable. From where does he get all this energy from? I still wonder.

The highlight of the show being his birthday, the audience wished him with all the energy we had then. Every person present there wished him from his/her heart not believing that we were actually right in front of him, singing for him.

I personally believe that he is the ultimate star not only because of his exceptional acting skills but for the belief he has in his work, and his audience which is very obvious when you see him. I believe due the authenticity in his acting and the impact it leaves on every Indian heart, makes him the Ultimate Achiever and an actor who has epitomized The Art of Acting in world cinema.


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