My encounters with special children or children who are challenged in some way or the other have made me believe that there exists a parallel world in their mind. A world which exists the way they think it is and the way they wish to see it. It’s interesting to enter that world for sometime for people like us who are gifted with the ability to differentiate between the world ‘we’ live in and the world our ‘mind’ lives in. We cannot deny the fact that our mind often lingers in the world or the image of certain things we have in mind. And we try our level best in getting it back to the more realistic world. And we live thinking that things are actually the way we perceive them. And that’s the most important aspect of our thinking. It is nice to think a lot.
I look up to my friends at the Centre for Special Children, who are challenged in some way or the other as people with extraordinary imagination. Their ability to produce things which are unclear in their mind is an answer to why they are ‘special’ children. Having been associated with a place for these gifted children I always got more than what I gave. Every mind, every child has a story, has a reason. Every line and scribble made by them explains a lot of things, whether it is their nature or their liking for certain things.
Children, who are not gifted with the ability to hear, give a new meaning to the word expression. Their life revolves around expressions and gestures and has been a language for them. A language without words. A language which makes you express yourself really well and a language which cannot be taught but practiced with time.

It is always a pleasure to interact with my little friends. To paint, sketch, scribble and play with them because they make me feel good about things around us. It’s nice to see that these children discover themselves every time they take a brush in their hand, every time they hold a pencil. And a pencil means a tool or a key to enter the world they want to figure out themselves- A world where small things still make them happy, A world where people are still people.


  1. Beautifully written. Nice thought.. It really is amazing to see the happiness they seek at the smallest of things.
    They're special because they truly get to enjoy life, and love it for what it is with no complains.


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